Tobias Truvillion in Natural Element on Starz’s ‘Flesh and Bone,’ Debuting Nov. 8

“Evoking ‘Black Swan’ to a sizable degree, this minute-long tease is tensely operatic and deliberately eerie. It might not be the character-driven drama we’d expect from a ‘Breaking Bad’ writer, but it’s definitely something, and it looks a fair amount different from anything else on TV at the moment.” – Indiewire

On Sunday, November 8, multitalented actor Tobias Truvillion (‘Hitch,’ ‘The Tested,’ ‘One Life to Live’) will appear in the new Starz limited series ‘Flesh and Bone’ (the underbelly of a ballet company). The eight-hour original drama was created and executive produced by Moira Walley-Beckettmuch, writer for three-time Emmy award winning, ‘Breaking Bad.’

“I portray a DJ by the name of Beau who plays sultry hits in an upscale NYC gentlemen’s club,” says Tobias about his recurring role. “The main character, a small town girl with a troubled home life, is introduced to the club after she flees to NYC where she joins a prestigious ballet company.”

For Tobias, who experimented with deejaying as a preteen in his Queens, NY hometown, his role in the explosive drama is appeasing.

“As a kid, I put out a couple of mixtapes and went by the DJ moniker ‘Tobe Business,’” he recalls. “That little endeavor was short lived. But my lifetime affinity for music made my role in ‘Flesh and Bone’ enjoyable and came very natural. The nightclub that I DJ in throughout the series is ultra sexy and classy, and I was frequently surrounded by ballerinas with amazing bodies. The cast is phenomenal and I’m excited about the project’s November 8 release.”

In a network buzz building effort, ‘Flesh and Bone’ and the third and final season of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons,’ which airs on October 24, will run concurrently on Starz Play and Starz on Demand. David Baldwin, EVP of Starz program planning, says, “Both series are engaging and well suited for a binge-viewing experiment.”

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