Tobias Truvillion in Michael Jordan “Six Rings” Campaign



was by far one of my favorite jobs. Meeting MJ was a breathtaking feeling. The opportunity came by way of a phone call from Kristin Paladino, a New York casting agent who I’d worked with quite a bit. She told me that I would be the perfect fit to serve as a stand-in in for the “Jordan Six Rings” photo shoot. Although the pay was minimal, I didn’t hesitate to accept. I was ecstatic!

The day before MJ’s shoot, I worked with the photography production crew to develop various concepts using the six rings. The following day, we prepped some more and shot the final images that MJ would choose from. The crew narrowed it down to about 10 image selections. The goal was for MJ to be in and out as soon as possible.


For about the first fifteen minutes of his arrival, I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at the man who has made such a huge impact on the world. The photographer, Mr. Webber, introduced me to MJ.

“Hello Tobias, how are you?” MJ said in a very deep, clear voice.

“I’m hangin’,” I responded with utmost respect.

“Well as long as you’re hanging somebody will pull you on up,” MJ earnestly replied.

MJ’s shoot only lasted half-hour. And, as MJ prepared to leave, I said, “You know what you have to do for me?” He gave me a very cool, understanding look. So I rushed over to him with a sharpie in hand and asked him to sign my Polaroid. I really wanted him to sign his Polaroid shot. But, I was in such a panic. I wasn’t really thinking straight. I knew he had to run, and my mind was racing at meteoric speeds. So, I reached for the first image I saw on the bulletin board.


In hindsight, I’m glad he signed my picture wearing his rings. I met the man, and wore his championship rings and on top of that, he signed the picture of me wearing his rings! Wow, how many people can say they’ve done that!

As he’s signing my picture, I noticed his knuckles were swollen (not to mention how big his hands were. When we shook hands his hand swallowed mine).

“Hey Mike what happened to your fingers?” I asked out of genuine concerned.

“I dislocated and jammed them from all the years playing.”


“But I can still play though.” He turned and stared at me dead in the eye.

“Hey, hey, Mike, shoot…I didn’t think you couldn’t.”

Without saying a word, MJ passed me my photo and began making his exit. After
the shoot, I remember feeling like my karmic slate had been wiped clean (I don’t
know… that’s just the way I felt). I was grinning from ear-to-ear for the entire day.

Funny thing is, that summer I modeled his “Jordan 23” line at the “Michael Jordan
Celebrity Golf Tournament” in the Bahamas. While hanging out with the models backstage, in walks the man himself. Everyone was in awe. All of a sudden he says,“Hi Tobias,” after he turned and spotted me.

Everyone turned and looked at me in amazement. I shrugged it off like we went to school together, or something. It was a great feeling. MJ is a classy man with a great memory. Anyway, that was my MJ experience…’till we meet again, Mr. Jordan! Peace.

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