Tobias Truvillion Discusses His Award-Winning Role as Shango in ‘Oya’ Musical

Truvillion talks to Culture/Context TV about his award-winning role as Shango in his first major theatrical production ‘Oya.’

In a candid interview with Culture/Context TV, Tobias Truvillion details his first acting role as Shango in late playwright Tunde Samuel’s last off-Broadway musical ‘Oya,’ before his passing. Tobias says that bringing his powerful character Shango (the God of Fire in the Yoruba religion) to life came quite naturally. Tobias’ captivatingly powerful and fearless onstage performance earned him the 2001 Audelco Award for “Best Male in A Musical.”




“Oya was the last production that Tunde Samuel produced before he passed. R.I.P. There was a real magical thing that was happening at that time. I was young, I was really fresh, and I just absorbed everything that was around me. Anthony Sloan, the director, really grabbed me by the hand and showed me how to live behind the stage. I had a really great acting coach, Penwah Thomas, mother of the late Michelle Thomas. She really helped mold me…There’s so much energy at the National Black Theater of Harlem. I can say that there were times [while doing the play] that I was really having an out of body experience…”

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